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Tonia Smith

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Video Marketing

Let me take the guesswork out of making videos for your marketing plan. Video allows you to connect with your audience so the can get to know you.

Email Marketing

Benefit from regular emails and communication with your audience. You may know what you are doing right, BUT do you know what you may be doing that is affecting your bottom line?

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This one mastermind changed my entire perception of and more importantly results with using groups to gain new leads! Tonia, you are a master when it comes to simple, useful tips for the online business owner!

Dara Lee Simmons

Author|Speaker|CEO of Ditch the Diet with Dara Lee

The insights she offers into the various aspects of social media content creation and development have really taken my marketing efforts up a notch!  I’m excited to celebrate that I’ve made #1 on the leaderboard for Business Center Memberships! And Tonia has been there to cheer me on every single week!

Cindy Cooley Brockway

Personal Coaching Specialist

The Marketing Brainstorming Workshop I had with Tonia was AMAZING! Tonia helped me to identify my customer avatar pain points, so I could speak more plainly to them and reach them. She showed me HOW to plan out and schedule my marketing for the month and step forward with confidence in doing so. The result…. Confidence to know what to say and what to do in my marketing process. Thank you Tonia!

Ashly Torian

The Vitality Coach, Author and Speaker. Host of Ashly's Heart Song on Win Win Women TV Network.

When I took the plunge and decided to launch my Colour Consulting business on line I signed up for all sorts of training which left me in a state of total confusion and overwhelm…Then I met up with Tonia…..she just seemed so normal and someone I could talk I contacted her for coaching. WOW !!! She coached and encouraged me without judgment and showed me how simply things could be done…and within three weeks I had my first client and have not looked back. She is amazing and can do for you what she has done for me!

Margie Walker

Brand and Personal Colour Consultant

Are you ready to get visible so your ideal audience can find you? 

Using proven digital strategies for brand confidence and engagement, I am here to not only show you how but support you in your journey.

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